Sign up for your Big Brekkie goodies

Fond of a fry up? Partial to pancakes? If you share Jesus’ heart for people living in extreme poverty, join us with a Big Brekkie fundraiser.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbours – and not just the people who live next door or down the street.

Take Morsheda, a young mother of four living in Bangladesh. She has no land, few assets and no savings. And no matter how hard she works, she can’t escape the floods that constantly threaten to destroy her home.

Answer God’s call to end poverty; put the kettle on

Morsheda is our neighbour. And there’s no better way to start loving our global neighbours than by getting friends, colleagues and next door neighbours together and serving them breakfast. The money you raise could help change Morsheda’s life.

Just £250 is enough to flood-proof Morsheda’s home, raising it seven foot on an earth plinth so that she has a safe place to rebuild. It could also buy a goat, seeds and a wormery to produce compost, giving her a long-term income.

So bring your community together and get cracking. It’s really easy to host a Big Brekkie, and whether you’re hosting one at work, at home or with your church, your pack has everything you need.

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