Morsheda will never forget the day she nearly lost her baby son, Murshid.

As floodwaters poured into her home, he fell from his bed into the inky water. He could have drowned in moments.

Luckily, Morsheda woke when she heard him fall and was able to save him.

But she knows that the floods will come again. Her home has already been hit several times. Each time, Morsheda gathers her family and holds them close as they wait for the danger to pass.   

‘I feel very scared of the river. I keep thinking “it is coming”.’

Morsheda lives on low-lying islands in Bangladesh. She shares a single-room, corrugated-iron house with her four children.

She earns as little as 74p a day doing backbreaking manual labour. She has no savings. And because floods are a terrifying part of everyday life, she doesn’t even have a safe place to call home.

Children in danger

When the river levels rise, Morsheda worries that it might be like the worst time the floods hit.

She remembers how desperate she was.

How she hurried to build a makeshift raft for her frightened children. How they scrambled to safety as huge waves crashed against their house.

How she prayed the raft wouldn’t capsize as it tipped and plunged on the swirling waters.

‘My children were so scared. My sister was holding them very tightly and we were panicking because my neighbour’s child was washed away.’

The floods are coming

Morsheda and her children live a precarious life. They know that the floods will come again, and soon. But we can lift our neighbours like Morsheda to safety.

Just £250 is enough for a Christian Aid Home Safety Package. It could flood-proof Morsheda’s home, raising it seven foot on an earth plinth, keeping her family safe at last.

It could also buy a goat, seeds and a wormery to help produce compost, so Morsheda could keep livestock and grow crops on the small patch of land around her home.

All of this will give her a long-term income and a solid foundation for a new life.

‘If I could raise my house then I would feel much safer living here with my children.’